Pharmacy 340(B) Services

  340B Core Assessment Deliverables

• Evaluate pharmacy cost savings potential for single or multiple hospitals if they were to participate in the 340B program. The review will analyze current pharmacy utilization to determine 340B eligibility.

• Analysis will include estimated drug cost savings for “mixed-use” areas as well as costs needed to maintain ongoing services

• A separate review will be done to evaluate the outpatient prescriptions generated by any clinic. This review will determine the additional revenue potential through the development of a 340B network of contract pharmacies to fill medications at 340B pricing with a revenue sharing model.

• A preliminary review will be completed to determine additional benefits available if employees could become eligible for 340B utilizing existing outpatient services

  340B Implementation

Homeland can provide full turn-key implementation of all aspects of a hospital’s 340B Program including:

• EHR and split billing software configurations

• Initial registration with HRSA

• Full formulary reviews to ensure billing codes/HCPCS/multipliers are synchronized and correctly mapped.

• Initial data mapping between TPA and hospital primary EHR system

• Project Management – 340B Program Implementation – Compliance – Maintenance

• Implementation Team to help set up/train hospital staff

• Go-Live Support

  340B Optimization Audit

This optimization audit is a detailed assessment of a facility’s existing 340B program that focuses on identifying areas to capture additional value that may be untapped. Proprietary software tools and analytical review of transactional data provide the client not only directional analysis, but very specific, actionable recommendations to improve 340B program value. Included in the 340B optimization audit are reviews of the current retail pharmacy and contract pharmacy network to determine areas for improvement. The three components of the audit include:

Hospital based split billing software audit (mixed use areas)

• Deliverables include specific, actionable recommendations to  correct the client’s split billing      software, but more importantly, our solution will identify the specific reasons why purchases were made on WAC or GPO instead of 340B, which offers insight into areas of continual focus to ensure optimal savings

Contract pharmacy TPA audit

• Proprietary software maps prescription data with TPA-eligible data to determine if there are prescriptions that should have been 340B eligible, but were not correctly identified as eligible by the TPA

Retail and contract pharmacy network audit

• All outpatient prescriptions data provided from the contract pharmacy audit are used to determine the most optimal retail network for all facility owned retail or specialty pharmacies

Ongoing 340B Program Support

Through a combination of industry experts and a trained rural workforce providing support, Homeland can ensure a facility’s 340B Program remains compliant with federal mandates and continues to deliver identified net revenue gains. Support activities include:

• Regularly scheduled analytics of report dashboards of drug purchases of 340B products compared to buckets available

• Review of non-qualifying 340B purchases to ensure accuracy

• Continual monitoring of EHR and split billing software parameters and mappings to ensure pharmacy system and split-billing software remain in sync

• Remote split billing support for temporary solutions

• HRSA registration process/maintenance for compliance

• Compliance audit preparation and support

• Training & Education on reporting tools, split billing, and EHR as it pertains to 340B setup/maintenance

• Helpdesk Support

• Periodic pharmacy operations optimization

Additional Services

Homeland can work with the facility to determine additional services that may be needed relating to implementing, assessing, and maintaining value in the 340B program.

• Implementation or Project Management for opportunities identified in the 340B Core Assessment or Optimization Audit

• Consultation and implementation support for converting to a new

• Remote split billing support for temporary solutions

• Feasibility analysis and consultation for establishing a retail pharmacy or a specialty pharmacy

• URAC Project Management

• Feasibility analysis and consultation for expanding employee eligibility for 340B by expanding current services

• Consultation and RFP management for split billing software

• Interim, temporary, permanent, or contract to hire Pharmacy Directors, Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Techs to meet temporary or transitional needs



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