We employ and invest in a modern workforce to focus on collective success for our clients,
employees, and the communities in which we serve. We love solving problems for our clients,
but we listen first to understand what the real challenges are.

From our very beginning, we believed in creating a better way to do business, leveraging our
resources to create value and giving opportunities for our employees to be successful. From our
corporate office in the heart of the music capital of the US to our rural technology center and our
other Midwest offices.

We have found companies who share our vision and have worked with us to train, manage, and
provide in demand healthcare, IT, data, support, and custom solutions in the US. Since Homeland’s
founding in 2012 we have clients such as HCA, LifePoint, FirstBank, Tractor Supply, Brookdale Senior Living,
Covenant Transportation, and many more who align with our value of creating meaningful jobs
for people in the US.

We are proud our staff have been with us since the beginning and have grown in their skills, marketability,
and services to clients. We have now grown our company to apply the same principals to our clients who
recognize the critical importance of a strong workforce. This model provides our clients with a better
solution and value through access to loyal, high caliber human capital, a simplified process of management,
and focused outcomes.


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