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American. Value.

We travel to small towns across the nation and meet with mayors, city councilmen, business owners and college and university administrators to form training, workforce and community development partnerships. These relationships serve as the foundation of our approach to rural sourcing.

At Homeland, we stand behind the idea that American businesses should go straight to the source  when considering sourcing technical services. Through a partnership with Homeland, you receive high-quality, customized IT services at a great value that not only enrich your business but also the lives and communities of the Americans you employ.

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Our unique process gives you many advantages. Learn how Homeland is more beneficial than other forms of outsourcing.

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Overseas Outsourcing

Minimal Training

Because training carries high costs, firms provide employees with the minimum amount necessary

Often present highly skilled teams in interviews then relegate actual work to lesser qualified employees

Urban Firms

Non-specific Training

Feature restrictive training policies that focus on firm standards, not client needs

Per availability, over- or under-qualified employees may be used for your solution, affecting cost and quality of work


Client-specific Training per job, per employee

All employee training takes place in-house

Training methods tested and proven over years in the industry

Employees are trained specifically for their role on the client's solution team; dedicated teams adapt quickly to changing needs



Overseas Outsourcing

Geographic distance from client can cause costly communication delays

Currency exchange rates fluctuate continuously, adding risk

International travel between client and solution team expensive

Urban Firms

Higher cost of living results in more expensive overhead and salaries

Solution teams are in-house and often over-qualified, increasing costs unnecessarily


Rural solution centers demand lower overhead costs and are inexpensive for clients to visit

Customization of each team to client needs prevents assignment of expensive, overqualified professionals




Overseas Outsourcing

Firms based in radically different time zones

Team members rarely native English speakers

In-person meetings are difficult to arrange, time-consuming and costly

Urban Firms

Bureaucratic management systems make communication inefficient

Rigid project structures can't adapt to changing needs quickly

High project volume reduces amount of attention devoted to individual clients


Solution teams available to come on-site as needed; located near or in the client's time zone

All team members skilled English speakers

Subject-matter expert devoted to each project to ensure quality of work

A single, dedicated project manager coordinates solution from start to finish